Adult Coaching and Pricing

Warehouse Health Club Pool Weds 4-8pm, Thurs 6-8pm

Start your journey to better swimming today.

I specialise in one to one adults coaching as I believe this is the most efficient and effective method to improve swimming ability and technique.
Complete beginners start with a one hour session to assess current abilities and put together a bespoke plan of drills, exercises and self practice (where possible). The client completely dictates the pace of the class and the support needed. First session £70

Intermediate/ Advanced swimmers start with a 90 minute session starting with a full video analysis. Areas for improvement are identified and explanations given on how improvements can be made. Bespoke drills, exercises and self practice are introduced to improve the main areas that will lead to more efficient and effective swimming.
All videos are sent after each session plus access to demo videos.
£95 OR Initial Assessment plus 2 x 60 min sessions £225

All subsequent sessions are 60 mins and continue developing swim ability through drills, full stroke practice, coach demos use of video analysis and self practice.
Single session £85 5 sessions £350 10 sessions £650
It is recommended that clients have a session every 2-4 weeks to allow time for self practice between sessions. Self practice ensures new movement patterns are established well and speeds up progression considerably.

Current availability at the Warehouse Health Club Pool:
Mondays 4-8pm
Wednesdays 5-8pm
Thursdays 4-8pm
Other days/ times may be available on request.

Beginners 60 min Intro Session

Working at your own pace we will explore your current relationship to the water. Finding out what you are comfortable doing in the pool.
Exercises/drills to improve breathing, relaxation, water confidence and floating are introduced.
Introduction to the Total Immersion teaching/learning methodology including.
Written self practice where possible is given.

Intermediate/Advanced Swimmers 90 min Initial Assessment

  • Full video analysis of your current stroke side on, front on, above and below the water.
  • Poolside analysis of the videos with full explanation of how you’re swimming now and how your technique can be improved.
  • Introduction to the Total Immersion teaching/learning methodology including swim demonstrations.
  • Introduction, demonstration and practice of drills.
  • Written self practice guide
  • Online access to all videos plus coach demo videos