Coaching sessions/Pricing


  • Are you a new swimmer who needs coaching to help you swim better, further and faster?
  • Are you a competitive swimmer, triathlete or open water swimmer who wants to train less and swim further?
  • Do you want to overcome your phobia of the  water and learn to swim?
  • Do you want to be more energised at the end of your swim than at the start?

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About Jacquie D

I have been teaching group fitness classes since 2005 and specialise in senior/rehab fitness (Cardiac rehab, mental health, Falls Prevention) as well as teaching Zumba (I love dancing) and strength classes.

I’m particularly interested in how our bodies change as we age and what types of exercise help us to maintain a healthy body as we get older. I personally practise yoga,  walk a lot and of course swim!

I was a competitive swimmer as a child and worked as a swimming teacher and lifeguard throughout university.

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Initial Assessment

Total Immersion Session


Total Immersion Sessions


Total Immersion Session