JACQUIE D. Adult and Child Swim Lessons, Aberdeen, Scotland

Up and running again!!! Swim coaching is now available Thursdays 2-8pm and Fridays 3.30-8pm at The Warehouse Health Club pool, Aberdeen.

Start your journey to better swimming today!

  • Are you a new swimmer who needs coaching to help you swim better, further and faster? Watch the video below.
  • Are you a competitive swimmer, triathlete or open water swimmer who wants to train less and swim further and faster?
  • Do you want to overcome your phobia of the  water and learn to swim?
  • Do you want to be more energised at the end of your swim than at the start? 
  • Want your child to make fast progress learning how to swim and be confident and safe in the water?
  • I can help YOU. Watch client before/after videos HERE.

Based at the Warehouse Health Club pool in central Aberdeen

Pool location and availability

The Warehouse Pool, Aberdeen
Coach Jacquie D. swimming in the Warehouse pool.

To book your initial assessment with me please contact me on 07779 900 368 or email me at  info@jacquiedswimming.co.uk.

  • WATCH HOW YOU’RE SWIMMING-using video analysis above and below the water in every session you and I can see exactly how you’re swimming now. All videos are uploaded every session for you to view anytime.
  • FEEL HOW YOU’RE SWIMMING– learn how to tune into what your body is doing in the water with easy drills.
  • WATCH GOOD TECHNIQUE– demonstrations of drills and full stroke given in every session.
  • SELF PRACTICE guide given at the end of each session.
Watch how a complete beginner became a competent, balanced swimmer after only 3 sessions.

Adult Coaching Sessions and Pricing

Swim Session

  • Video analysis with discussion regarding improvements made and what needs to be worked on next.
  • Coach demonstrations of good technique and drills.
  • Written self practice.
  • Online access to all videos plus coach demo videos.

Book Session

Can’t make it to Aberdeen? Video analysis is also available. Send me videos of you swimming and I will give you a full analysis (using a coaching app which allows me to slow down and draw on the video) with a self practice guide and access to all the drill videos you require.

Initial Assessment

  • Full video analysis of your current stroke side on, front on, above and below the water.
  • Poolside analysis of the videos with full explanation of how you’re swimming now and how your technique can be improved.
  • Introduction to the Total Immersion teaching/learning methodology including swim demonstrations.
  • Introduction, demonstration and practice of drills.
  • Written self practice guide
  • Online access to all videos plus coach demo videos

Please contact me to book a session. 07779900368  info@jacquiedswimming.co.uk.

Book Total Immersion Session online

About Jacquie D

Jacquie D.

I have been teaching group fitness classes since 2005 and specialise in senior/rehab fitness (Cardiac rehab, mental health, Falls Prevention) as well as teaching Zumba (I love dancing) and strength classes.

I’m particularly interested in how our bodies change as we age and what types of exercise help us to maintain a healthy body as we get older. I personally practise yoga,  walk a lot and of course swim!

I was a competitive swimmer as a child and worked as a swimming teacher and lifeguard throughout university.

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Initial Assessment

Total Immersion Session


Total Immersion Sessions


Total Immersion Session

About Total Immersion

Total Immersion – Theory

Total Immersion teaches you to work with the water, instead of fighting against it.  As humans are not aquatic animals, it is natural for us to sink in water, and our instinct is to fight for survival.

For many people, this involves switching on muscles and pushing water away; even once they feel confident in the water, the habit of churning limbs continues: pulling the arms and kicking the feet as hard as possible.

Total Immersion is about increasing efficiency – covering a greater distance in the water while reducing the energy used. Achieving this requires us to engage our mind and our body differently to the ‘traditional’ approach to swimming

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