About Total Immersion

Total Immersion – Theory

Total Immersion teaches you to work with the water, instead of fighting against it.  As humans are not aquatic animals, it is natural for us to sink in water, and our instinct is to fight for survival.

For many people, this involves switching on muscles and pushing water away; even once they feel confident in the water, the habit of churning limbs continues: pulling the arms and kicking the feet as hard as possible.

Total Immersion is about increasing efficiency – covering a greater distance in the water while reducing the energy used. Achieving this requires us to engage our mind and our body differently to the ‘traditional’ approach to swimming

Stroke Mechanics

Total Immersion provides a structured approach to an effortless swimming technique, based on four core skills.

Using video analysis you will learn how you’re swimming now and how you can improve. Your swim technique has been reinforced by thousands of repetitions therefore you need to engage your mind to consciously change and improve your stroke. You will learn simple drills which when practiced will retrain your body and brain to use better balance, stability, streamlining and movement patterns resulting in an efficient, smooth and fast stroke.

Find out more about Total Immersion in the UK and its founder, Terry Laughlin visit www.totalimmersion.co.uk.