VIDEO 1 This is me swimming about a year before I changed my technique withTI. Look at the high head position (tension in the neck/shoulders), the windmill arms (ouch my shoulders!) and the constant big kick. This way of swimming was very tiring and I had to train a lot to complete long distances.

VIDEO 2 Now look at the changes I made after 6 sessions with my TI coach. I have a more streamlined body position and my head position is down and more relaxed. There‚Äôs less side to side movement of the body resulting And I have a bent arm recovery (much kinder to my shoulders). As I’m more streamlined and my body is moving as one unit (not arms + legs) I’m propelling my body forward efficiently and smoothly. I can now quite easily swim 60mins plus without any long distance training- I just focus on maintaining a good technique.